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Puppy Training

Give your little bundle of joy the best start in life. Our Puppy Pre-School classes are perfect for pups under the ages of 16 weeks.

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Dog Training

Our Dog Training Services are designed for adults and children. Suitable for dogs aged from 14 weeks and up, our classes will give you great dog training tips.

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Behaviour Modification

We have specialised dog behaviour experts that have undergone intense training to identify everything they need to know about dog behaviour issues.

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much for everything you have taught us. Our boy definitely needed your guidance. Thank you for being patient with us along the journey Jen. Definitely recommend you – can’t thank you enough 🙂 🙂

01/11/2018 - Tilah Riri
“Highly Recommend”

I took my puppy Woody through the puppy training classes that were held in Napier. Jude is an awesome teacher. She not only showed me how to train my dog, she also trained me in the process. I’ll definitely be taking Woody back for the intermediate class. I highly recommend Dog Guru’s training methods.

18/08/2018 - Marguerite Potaka
“Relaxed & Friendly!”

Hi there, the dog training was great, thank you.
The techniques and methods were easy to follow and the vibe of the class was relaxed and friendly.

14/08/2018 - Sian Lyness
“So Helpful”

Rachael is awesome. It’s fun and so helpful. Thank you 🙂

14/08/2018 - Heidi Legatos
“Can’t Wait for More!”

Jen was awesome, great character and knew what she was doing. Opie and us can’t wait to sign up to the obedience class to have more fun with Opie and Jen

2/08/2018 - Ryan Browne
Class was really educational

Class was really educational ! Amanda did very well helping us and giving us tips on how to better control and train our dog. We feel like Mugsy learned a lot and most importantly had a very good time meeting and learning with other dogs. Defs recommend this class !!

15/03/2018 - AJ Tempongko
My Pup Loved it

Our trainer Mandy is great. My Rottie just loves going to his class with her. I think he is more obedient for Mandy than me lol

09/02/2018 - Bruce Wright

Jen was absolutely amazing with puppy school and beginners classes. Highly recommend if you are looking into training your pups!

26/01/2018 - Tresna Cuttle
Fantastic Group Sessions

Fantastic group sessions with Simon. Our pup absolutely loved it as well and we learnt some valuable lessons in training him

25/01/2018 - Viren Fernandes

Exceptional support, knowledge and love of all doggies. JEN and RACH, we thank you for your expertise and your gorgeousness. Yes, for us, you were training the owners not Bear – he knows what to do …

21/10/2017 - Steve, Sally and Bear
It Simply Works !

Lovely knowledgeable trainer. Well structured class. Great learning and lots of fun. Happy dogs. Would recommend to every dog owner who wishes to improve their control of their dog based on a dog’s natural behaviour and communication. It simply works !

10/08/2017 - Petra Hass
Five Star Service

The Dog Guru lessons gave us all the information we needed to ensure that I could continue with training after the sessions were completed, and resulted in a dog that is sociable and will obey commands…or at least most of them 🙂 !

04/08/2017 - Chris King

If you have a puppy, or need some upskilling for your existing dog, then don’t look past Dog Guru. The course was well run by knowledgeable trainer

28/06/2017 - Mike Brunt
Great Course

Great Beginner’s course, confident calm and consistent teaching, depth of knowledge re trouble shooting specific to our pet. Good opportunity to socialise dogs. Milo absolutely loves training and we enjoy her being trained!

11/05/2017 - Vaaiga Autagavaia
Absolutely Fantastic

Mandy did a fantastic job. She gave me confidence, and real practical advice. Will recommend this course to others!!

04/05/2017 - Nikki Booth
Great Puppy Class

The classes helped my puppy with his socialisation and gave me good advice on how to train him

29/03/2017 - Natasha Barton
Dog Whisperer

Our trainer was basically a dog whisperer. Although I couldn’t make all off the classes, she was awesome with all dogs of all breeds and ages and she was patient with the dogs (AND their owners). Would recommend the class to others for sure ! Thank you from all of us

20/01/2017 - Alice, Jarrad and Marley Pup xx

We went with the intention of learning a few basic commands and socialisation for our dogs, we got so much more !!
By the third lesson the dogs were having a great time with their new buddies, still noisy but very happy. They didn’t completely master all the commands but we have a great platform to work from

12/01/2017 - Karen Turnwald
Interesting and Informative

The Beginners and Intermediate courses were interesting and informative.  I took a lot of new things away with me to teach my dog, especially how to get my dog back to me when distracted.

Adam is a great trainer and is very friendly and approachable and always ready with a hint or tip on how to do things better, he also has the patience of a saint and remains very calm throughout the training. This is my first dealings with Dog Guru and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their training to others. Thank you for the great training.

18/12/2016 - Stella Pearson