While our intentions are good, if your dog is not used to having its collar grabbed, it can get startled by this sudden/forceful grab at their throat region, so we recommend desensitising your puppy to the action of grabbing their collar, by doing this you will teach your pup that collar grabs are nothing to be scared of and they can trust you

It is important to start off by NOT grabbing your dogs collar suddenly as this may startle or intimidate them​, use slow and gentle movements and watch your dog’s body language to see if they are comfortable or not. If they show discomfort, slow your hand movement down or have a break. Also as we want it to be positive for them, give them a treat after the hand movement.

Once you get your pup’s attention with treat, ask them to sit (as that will help keep them still). Then move your hand slowly towards dog’s collar and give them a treat. After you have done that 2-3 times have a break for a while

Once your puppy is comfortable with this then you can slowly increase the speed of the hand movement/physical contact with their collar